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Luther King House

Luther King House is a theological college in South Manchester, close to the City Centre. It is the base for the training of ministers and lay people from a number of Christian churches, including Baptist, United Reformed, Methodist and Unitarian. I have been involved with works on the site since 1998. The premises originally housed the Northern Baptist College, and were built in the 1960's at a time when trainee Ministers were normally full time single students, in their early 20's, and predominantly male. The buildings were based on an Oxbridge model, though to a far lower budget !

The main entrance - a seamless bland of new and original construction
Since then expectations have changed. Trainee ministers are now typically mature, male or female in approximately equal numbers, and most have families. Training is largely based in local churches or local communities; formal teaching is part-time in blocks of a few days week and students are not expected to be resident. Training of lay people has also become much more important. As a result of these changes, building requirements have changed drastically.

In 1998 I designed major alterations to the interiors of the buildings to;
  • improve teaching accomodation
  • make the ground floor of the buildings fully accessible to wheelchair users
  • provide bedroom accomodation with en-suite bathrooms for wheelchair users
new connecting link from Main Entrance to the Chapel (formerly entered, inconveniently, from the Library).
I subsequently carried out a number of feasibility studies to improve other aspects of the buildings, resulting in an appointment in 2006 to design and supervise comprehensive improvements to;
re-model the Library to accommodate more books and much more IT
provide a separate entrance to the Chapel, replacing the current entrance through the Library
provide an entirely new lounge with direct access to the central courtyard garden
provide a new Main Entrance and improve the reception area

The works, costing more than £400,000 were carried out in the summer of 2007, completing in time for the new academic year in September.
view of the re-ordered Library
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New Lounge; Refurbished Reception Area; Terra-cotta building name

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