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Solicitors Office, Sale

This substantial building in Sale, built in 1902, is listed as a building of architectural and historical interest (grade II). Originally bank premises it is now occupied by a legal firm.

The stonework - a mottled sandstone from Staffordshire - was finely detailed and executed, but 100 years of industrial pollution have not been kind to it and the south elevation has suffered localised deterioration. In particular the second floor window surrounds and mullions had deteriorated as a result of soluble salts migrating through the stone to the interior where they caused spalling and powdering of the stonework. This had become so serious that it was interfering with the use of the rooms affected. Meanwhile the exterior faces of the stone were showing increased signs of delamination and cracking. The richly moulded cornices were also showing localised failure in areas where rainwater from defective downpipes had soaked the stonework leading to frost damage.
In all conservation work it is important to limit work to that which is essential to conserve the building as a whole. Wherever possible the original materials and construction should be retained. This cautious approach was adopted for this building. Working with the local authority's Conservation Officer a specification was developed to replace severely damaged stonework to the second floor windows, and repair the cornices only where necessary. The original glazing was retained and replaced into the new stonework.
This was supplemented by careful and non-aggressive cleaning of specific features identified as damaged by algal growth and bird droppings, without making any attempt to restore the building to a state of pristine cleanliness. Leadwork protection to the upper surfaces of stonework was renewed where necessary - and the defences against birds were extended - as part of a strategy to prevent further deterioration.
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